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1. We have a rigorous verification process in place to make sure that only you and the clients you authorise are linked to your account (e.g. your financial adviser, intermediary, accountant, trustee, bank, power of attorney as applicable) can access your information. When you complete the online registration the information provided will be cross-checked with what we currently hold on our systems. This happens before you are provided with your password to access the service.

2. We will send you your internet account User ID and password in separate letters to your registered address.

3. When you login to the system for the first time you are required to reset your password for security reasons. You must also provide a memorable word as an extra security check. This will be required for future logins.

4. When you login to Rathbones Online you will be asked to enter your User ID and select three characters from your password and memorable word.

5. When you download information from our valuation system to a locally held computer file, or printed report then you will be responsible for the security / integrity of the information from that point.

6. When you are inactive for '10' minutes Rathbones Online will automatically log you off. This helps your account stay protected if you are using a shared computer or others may be able to access your device.

7. If a fraudster tries to guess your security details, we will temporarily disable your online access after 3 failed attempts to log in. - Please note, If you've simply forgotten some of your security details you can regain access to our online service by following the details on screen.

8. You must always use the log out button to fully end your session. Closing your browser using the ‘X’ does not automatically log you out of the system – it takes a further 10 minutes for this to happen (see point 6).